The SSF organises the Danish cultural life south of the border. 

Theatre performances in Danish in the evening for an adult audience as well as for school-children in the daytime in cooperation with their schools. We consider this a unique opportunity for the children to experience the use of the modern Danish language outside the classroom. 

Concerts with Danish musicians and singers: Classic, jazz, folk, rock of any kind. From a symphony written by a Danish composer to Dixie jazz sung in English but introduced in Danish. 

Lecturers by Danish authors. This also inspires members of the minority to read modern Danish literature. 

Excursions to Denmark. We visit museums, zoos, or maybe even larger shopping centres. To give Danish-minded in Germany the access to Danish consumer goods which is also a way of maintaining Danish culture. 

The SSF runs a museum – Danevirke Museum – placed near the ancient Valdemar wall– it is over 1500 years old. For centuries it marked the south-border of the Danish kingdom. The museum has exhibitions about the wall as well as the minority’s history over the past 100 years. 

SSF possesses a large collection of art. Paintings, sculptures, graphic works etc. Items are on display in our local community centres or in Danish schools in South Schleswig.

Matthias Runge.
Matthias Runge