Politics and policies.

Politics and policies

The minority policy of today is all about allowing the minorities to maintain their own culture, supporting them in doing so, protecting them against any discrimination.

In Germany as well as in Denmark all politicians today agree on those constituting principles. Decisions on the minority policy is most commonly unanimously in both parliaments. 

A minority should have equal rights. This means the same public contribution for its schools, libraries, theatres etcetera as for the majority population. 

In Danish-German minority-policy there is a concord, that minorities to some extend must be privileged in order to give them the same possibilities as the majority. In Germany, this is implemented within the constitution. The Danish political party –SSW – enjoys an exemption from the five percent election hurdle when candidating for parliament. 

The party was founded in 1948. Until then the cultural association – the SSF – was candidating for parliament, city councils and other political bodies.

Today the SSF represents the Danish minority when it comes to contacts with Danish political bodies, the federal government in Berlin and on the European level in Brussels.