Treaties and conventions.

Treaties and conventions

The foundation to ensure the rights of the two minorities in the Danish-German borderland are the Bonn-Copenhagen-Declarations – also mentioned in Danish minority in Germany.

In 1990 it was incorporated into the Schleswig-Holstein constitution, that the state protects and promotes the Danish and the Frisian minority. Since 2015 this also includes the Sinti-Roma minority. The equality of the Danish schools was implemented in the constitution as well. 

SSF, SSW and the Danish School-Association for South Schleswig issues or concerns are all considered, when the Council of Europe monitors how well, Germany complies with the international treaties and conventions, it has joined or ratified. The most important are "The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages" (Council of Europe, 1992) and the "Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities" (Council of Europe, 1995).