Danevirke Museum.

Danevirke Museum

SSF runs the Danevirke Museum situated a few kilometers away from the city of Schleswig. 

The museum contains an exhibition about the historical rampart Danevirke, built during the Iron- and Viking age. Danevirke marks the oldest border between Denmark and Germany - at that time the Frankish empire - and hence is therefor among one of the most significant Danish national symbols. (By the way: The Danes succeeded the Angles, which previously lived in this region and migrated to Britain, becoming one half of the Anglo-Saxons.)

The Museum is situated in the middle of an archeological park with some of the highlights of the Danevirke site. Among these is a brick built wall from the 11th century, which was one of the first and the largest non-clerical brick construction of its time in northern Europe. The Danevirke in total measures almost 30 kilometers of earthwork and walls, which makes it the largest archeological monument in whole northern Europe. 

Since 2018 Danevirke has been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage in association with the nearby Haithabu (Hedeby), Viking age's most important trading settlement in the whole of northern Europe. 

The Danevirke Museum additionally houses an exhibition on the Danish minority from 1864 till present times.

Learn more about the museum and the history of Danevirke at  www.danevirkemuseum.de (in Danish and German)

Danevirke Museum
Ochsenweg 5
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