The Danish minority in Germany.

The Danish minority in Germany

The Danish minority consist of estimated 50.000 persons living in the northernmost Germany, a region which belonged to Denmark until the German-Danish war of 1864.

We live our lives as Danish as possible. We run Danish nurseries, schools, libraries, churches, care for senior citizens, a daily newspaper, Danish sport clubs, theatre performances, and concerts with Danish musicians or enjoy ourselves in the Danish halls or community houses in towns and villages. 

Some of us have Danish as their native language. Others did get familiar through nurseries and schools – simply because one of their parents – or even both – are German. Those parents have consciously chosen to become part of the Danish minority in Germany. 

Today the Danish minority consists of estimated 50.000 people. They carry a German passport, but are Danish-minded.

Most of the cultural events available are organized by South Schleswian Association Sydslesvigsk Forening – SSF – often volunteers work in one of more than 70 local branches. Those events take place in community-houses or in the Danish school buildings.