Danish everyday life in German surroundings.

Danish everyday life in German surroundings

The Danish minority counts some 50.000 people with connection to the Danish institutions, organizations, and clubs in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.  

The Danish base work a.o. takes place in SSF's more than 70 local clubs ("districts") in the whole area of Schleswig. The members meet in community houses and halls to enjoy the community and undertake common activities. 

A central anchor point for the minority are institutions for children and youth. It maintains a multitude of churches, kindergartens and schools as well als childrens* and youth centres, following Danish pedagogical and didactic principles. These do not only attract the minoritiy's members, which spent their own childhood and youth in Danish institutions themselves. They are also a portal for parents, who purposely choose a Danish school transitionon behalf of their child, and thus join the Danish minority. Schools and other institutions often are the nucleus for the local danish everyday life.

A multitude of Danish clubs, associations and organizations offer a broad range of leisure activities - spanning from all kinds of sports and youth aciticities to women's aasociations. Modern Danish culture is conveyed thorugh Danish libraries in the larger cities as well as theatre, concerts, lectures, exhibitions and a variety of other events.

The elder members meet in local senior clubs and take part in different events. A Danish health care service oofers nursing care, senir apartments, a nursing home, councelling and school heatlh care. 

The minority has it's own political party, advocating the minority's interests and a policy inspired by nordic demokratic and social principles in the state parliament as well as on regional and municipal level. An offspin of the Danish church offers clerical services in all corners of Schleswig.

The Danish minority strives at a Danish every dfay life in German surroundings. But the society's official langugage is German and most of it's members speak German on the job. Therefore it plays a significant role in most peoples life, which makes the community even more valuable in the free time.

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