About SSF.

About SSF

The South Schleswigian Association – Sydslesvigsk Forening, SSF - is the largest organisation within the Danish minority in northern Germany. It counts some 16.000 members and has 66 local branches. 

The SSF is the gate to the Danish language community and Danish culture in the region of Schleswig. 

Apart from local activities with focus on the fellowship, SSF offers a wide range of Danish cultural events in the whole area. Several hundred events give the members of the Danish minority access to modern Danish language, art and culture. The range spans from family language courses and excursions to professional cultural offers within classical music, theatre, pop- rock- and jazz-concerts, cinema, art exhibitions and lectures. 

SSF among others also runs the Danevirke Museum covering the UNESCO World Heritage Hedeby-Danevirke and more than 40 large and small cultural centres in the region. 

SSF is coordinating the annual Danish meetings of the whole minority – "Årsmøder" – which take place in May or June..

In addition to the minority's political political party, the SSW, SSF also is a vital player in the field of minority politics in Germany, Denmark and Europe.